Lead Magnet Tools and How to Use Them to Build your List

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If you’ve been following along with our lead magnet series, then hopefully you’ve created something that your future customers and clients need and want.  Now that your done with that part, you may be asking yourself, “Now what?”  The following will outline the steps you take to actually use your lead magnet to build your email list and the lead magnet tool you will use to do it.  As always, if you have any questions, please leave a comment.

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Lead Magnet: Email Service

In order to build your email list using your lead magnet, you need to sign up with an Email Marketing Service Provider.  

There are many out there and I’m sure you’ve heard of at least a few of them… MailChimp, Aweber, ActiveCampaign… and the list goes on!

Since you are just getting started with building your email list, I have two suggestions for you when it comes to choose your email marketing service provider.

If you have no budget for building your email list, then I suggest you sign up with the free version of MailChimp.  While it is limited in its options, you can still make it work for you until you are ready to pay for an email service provider.  

If you have even a small budget for building your email list, then I suggest Aweber.  It has all of the options you need to set up autoresponders (which the free MailChimp does not) so that you can automatically send out a welcome sequence to your new subscribers.  Aweber gives you everything you need for the lowest price.

Choose the right option for you and go sign up now!

Lead Magnet: Sign-up Form

Now that you have signed up for your email marketing service provider, how do you get subscribers on your list?

You will create a list and form within your email service provider so that whenever someone signs up using the form, they are automatically added to your list.  They will now receive any email you send to that list.

When you create the form, I suggest you have a place for first name and email.  This way, when you send out emails, you can make it so that each email is automatically personalized to each person it is being sent to.

You can share the form in many places, but one place you are definitely going to want to put it is on your website.  Below are a couple of examples of forms on The Business Builder’s Blog.

Lead Magnet: Landing Page

A Landing Page is basically a page with one purpose: in this case, it’s to get people to sign up for your lead magnet.

How is this page different from any other page?  There are no distractions!

A landing page will not have a navigation menu, a sidebar, or any other links to distract visitors from the opt-in.  When you share your lead magnet on social media, on guest blogs, or anywhere outside of you own website, you will want to link to your landing page. 

Here are two examples of landing pages on The Business Builder’s Blog.

Resource Library Landing Page
Free Workshop Landing Page

Lead Magnet: Thank You Page

Once someone fills out the form on your website or landing page, you want them to be automatically redirected to a “Thank You page” on your site.  This page is for you to give follow up directions so that they know what to do next.

You might remind them to check their email to confirm their request, have the share your lead magnet on social media, ask a question,  tell them to check their spam or promotional folder if they don’t see you email, or even include an up-sell. 

I don’t recommend including a link to access your lead magnet on your Thank You page because in most cases they are going to need to click on a link in the email that you email service provider service sends out to verify that they signed up before they are officially added to your list of subscribers.

This page, if you set it up with your Google Analytics, can also help you determine your conversion rate (or how many people visited your landing page and signed up).

Lead Magnet: Delivery

As I mentioned above, I don’t put a link on my Thank You pages directly to the lead magnet.

Instead, I have my email service provider set up so that once they confirm that they have subscribed, they will automatically receive an email from me that includes a link to access the lead magnet.  This way I can add special instructions, start letting them get to know me, and know that they have been added as a subscriber.

Ready to build your email list using a lead magnet?  What questions do you have?  Comment below.

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