How to Install WordPress: Installing on your Hosting Account

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Setting up a self hosted wordpress website takes a little bit of extra work on your part.  First, you need to know how to install WordPress in your hosting account.   The following will walk you through how to do that.  And of course, if you have any other questions, you can comment after this post. | self hosted WordPress | How to install WordPress



In order to use the platform, you have to have a hosting account which is where all of your files will live.

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Once you have purchased your Hosting Package and linked up your domain and host, it’s time to learn how to install WordPress.

How to Install WordPress

The following is going to walk you through how to install WordPress using a HostGator hosting account, but most of the hosts are similar (BlueHost, SiteGround), so these directions should still lead you in the right direction.

Log in to your Hosting cPanel

You will need to log in to your cPanel.  With HostGator, you will have received an email when you signed up with a link to your cPanel as well as the username and password.  It’s time to use that now.

When you signed up for your hosting account, you likely signed up with the domain you are going to use so it will already be in there.  If you are installing on a different domain than you used when you signed up for your hosting account, then you will need to do one extra step (and your hosting account will need to allow for the hosting of multiple domains – ex. the baby plan with HostGator) and go to “Addon Domain” and add this second domain.

Install WordPress

Depending on your hosting account, the installer might be called one of a few things – WordPress Installer, QuickInstall.  In the case of HostGator.  In the case of HostGator, you will actually see both of these.  Let’s use QuickInstall under the software section.

Click on “QuickInstall”
Click on “WordPress” in the center
Select the domain you want to use from the drop down menu and click “Next”
Fill in the following:
    – Blog Name (this can be changed later if you need to)
    – Admin User (use your name, first, first and last, whatever you want)
    – Enter your first name and last name
    – Enter the email address you want to use with this blog
Leave “Automatically create a new database for this installation” checked
Check the box that says you agree to the terms of service
Click “Install Now”

It will take a minute for the installation to complete.  Once it is, your Installation Details will show up with log in information.

The URL for your WordPress dashboard will be:
Your username will be the admin username you chose
The password will be something that WordPress assigns – you can change this later in your WordPress Dashboard

It might take a few minutes for the installation to take effect.  Once it does, you can log into your dashboard ( and get started!

Questions or comments?  Having issues with your WordPress Install?  Comment below.

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