Domain Name Registration: How to Choose and Buy a Domain Name

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Domain name registration doesn’t have to be hard, but there are several things you should take into consideration when you are buying one.  I will outline some of those things below as well as walk you through purchasing your domain.  And of course, if you have any other questions, you can comment after this post.

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First we’re going to talk about some things to consider when you’re purchasing your domain.  Then I will share a tool with you for checking the availability.  And finally, I will show you how to actually go through the process and how to get the best price.

So, let’s get started

Things to Consider Before Domain Name Registration

There are several things to consider when you are purchasing your domain name.

Will the domain name grow with your brand?

The truth is, when you’re first starting your business, you have no idea how it is going to grow and evolve over the next 6 months, much less the next 2 years.  So, make sure you choose something that can grow with you and won’t be too confining.

Some good options might be your name (, your location and service (, a general description of your product or service (  All of these examples leave room for flexibility.

Is the domain name hard to spell?

You want to use common words that aren’t hard to spell.  For instance, my full last name is Daquelente… nobody wants to have to remember that (and people rarely know how to say it, so why would I expect them to spell is correctly?).  So, instead, I have shortened it to

Also, avoid repeating letters between two words.  For example, take  The “s” at the end of success and the “s” at the beginning of starters makes it much more likely for a typo.

Checking the Availability of your Domain Name

Now that you’ve come up with your flexible domain name that’s easy to spell, it’s time to check availability.

There’s a nifty tool called Namechk ( that will show you the availability of your name, not only as a domain, but it’s availability across social media as well.

Use to check your domain and username availability.

You go to the site and type your desired name in the white box at the top (in this example, I used JulieMDaq).  You don’t need to put the www. or the .com.

It will then show you what domains are available with your name (in this case .org was the only one not available).

You can then scroll down and see the availability of your name across multiple social media channels as well.

If your name is already taken as the .com, don’t go for something random like .ninja (it might seem cool in the moment, but you’ll probably regret it later).  Get creative instead. For instance, I already know that JulieDaq is taken, which is why I added the middle initial so it was JulieMDaq.

If you’re using a descriptive name, think of synonyms.  If RaleighPrincessParty was what I wanted, but it wasn’t available, then I might try RaleighPrincessEvents or RaleighPrincessCelebrations.  Or, if I were using my company name AFairyTaleExperience and it was taken, I might try TheFairyTaleExperience.

Also, there is an option to click on available domain names to purchase them.  DON’T DO THAT!  I will show you where to purchase your domain and how to save money in the next section.

Purchasing and Registering your Domain Name

You’ve likely heard of GoDaddy or maybe you have a account that offers you the ability to purchase your domains. Even if you’re using a service like GoDaddy, Wix, Blogger to build your site (we recommend a self-hosted site), you don’t need to buy your domain through them.

In fact, we recommend you don’t.

You can purchase your domain through Namecheap and pay right around $10 a year (that’s less than a $1 a month!).

To purchase your domain, go to Namecheap and click on “Sign Up”.

Once you have created your account, type your domain name into the search bar.

Purchase your domain name

Click search and it will then show you all of the available options.

Click the cart icon next to your chosen domain.

Before you finish your purchase, open up a second browser tab and get the coupon code for Discounted Registration and Transfer HERE and then go back to your purchase page, click “View Cart” and you will see the place to put your promo code and press “Apply”.  (It’s not much, but every little bit counts!)

You can leave all of the options you see at default and hit “Confirm Order”.

Put in your payment information, checkout, and you are now the proud owner of your very own web address.

Now it’s time to buy property (hosting) and build something (your website) on it!

Having a hard time choosing a domain name?  What questions do you have? Comment Below.

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