Lead Magnet: How to Create the Right Lead Magnet for You

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When it comes time for you to create a lead magnet, it can be tempting to look around and copy what other people are doing.  Unfortunately, this isn’t going to help you build a list of people who want and need what you have to offer.  This post will help you create the perfect lead magnet for you, your business, and your future customers.  As always, if you have any questions, please leave a comment.

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Your Lead Magnet: Who is it for?

Seems simple enough, right?

You want to create something for the people who need what you offer.

Yet, the mistake many people make is that they put something out there that is related to what they do, but it misses the mark.

You need to meet the people where they are right now.  You want someone to come across your lead magnet and say, “Oh my goodness, this exactly what I need (or have been looking for),” followed by “I can’t I believe it’s free!”

So, what this really means is that you need to take a step back and get into the mindset of the person who needs what you offer. What is the first step of relief that you can give to them?

Some suggestions for figuring this out are:

Ask them.  If you already have customers, send out a survey to find out what they’re biggest pain point was before they found you.

If you don’t have customers, look to those who do.  Find blogs and forums related to your field and see what people are saying in the comments and what kinds of questions they are asking.

-Join some Facebook Groups where these people hang out.  What questions are they asking in there?

Your Lead Magnet: What is it for?

Now that you know who it is for, you need to figure out what it’s for.

Again, you don’t want to just throw something out there, even if it’s something that your potential customer would find super valuable.  You need to have a plan.

So, take a look at what you want to offer.  Is your next goal to offer some kind of online course?  Are you going to be selling some kind of digital product?  Does your service revolve around time with you (1:1 coaching)?

(A little hint here: if you need inspiration for exactly what you want to create, look to the questions you discovered in section 1).

Take what you plan to offer and now pick it apart piece by piece so that you can reverse engineer it.

What does this look like?

Here’s an example.  You are going to offer a course that teaches people how to go through the process of writing a book and getting it in front of publishers in 60 days.  Break down your course.  Outline it and put it into it’s appropriate modules.

Who is it for?  People who want to write and publish a book.

So, you might create an outline of your modules and make a guide that tells people the steps to writing and publishing a book in 60 days.  Now, you might be thinking you just gave it all away for free, but really what you’ve done is given them the steps that are required.  What they don’t have is the how.  They will need your course to learn the how and actually progress through the process.

Your Lead Magnet: Create It

So now that you know who your lead magnet is for and what it’s for, it’s time to create it.

Take something you will be offering in the future and figure out how you can help the people who need your product or service.

When you create your lead magnet, you want to make sure it is super valuable.  This is going to be the first impression many people have of you.  You want them to see this and think, “Wow! If this is the kind of thing I can get for free, I can’t even imagine how much value they provide in their paid offerings!”

Ready to create your lead magnet?  What questions do you have?  Comment below.

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  1. Mary-Anne

    Some really great points here about lead magnets to consider. A great take-away for me to reflect on. Thanks! It’s not always easy to hit the mark with your audience. I’m always learning and trends are continually evolving and changing online.

    • JulieDaq

      Hi Mary-Anne! Sometimes I think we get so caught up in what we think people need to achieve their goal/solve their problem that we forget to think about it from their perspective of what THEY think they need to achieve their goal/solve their problem.

  2. Lena Elizer

    Great advice! When I was first starting out I had a tendency to just throw things out there without thinking of why… It leads to having to a list full of people who are never going to be your customer! So important to know where you’re going.

    • JulieDaq

      Absolutely Lena! Plus, you’re paying for each of your subscribers to be on your list… it definitely doesn’t make sense to pay for something that isn’t going to bring any return on your investment! (Keep that in mind when people unsubscribe – it’s actually a good thing!).


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